Welcome Fall

After Max went to sleep I invited Fern outside to light a few candles and welcome fall. I used to hate summer and love the fall and winter, but since I’ve had kids that’s completely switched. I have dreaded fall and winter, the long grey months, the relentless rain. It’s really hard to homeschool in the fall and winter, because being stuck inside is not fun or inspiring. But this year I’ve decided to embrace it. I can do it. I’m not going to succumb to the dark grey days, I’m going to celebrate them. I’ve kind of reinvigorated myself recently, and found that things I used to love still have a huge presence in my life, even though I have these two humans to care for. So Fern and I wrote out our wishes for the darker months and we burned them outside. Fern grabbed obsidian, pyrite, buckeyes, thundereggs, etc. and put them in the center of the candles. We talked about being a team and helping each other, and how lucky we are to spend every day together. Welcome, Fall. We’re excited to see you again.