Homeschool—Week Two



Week Two! We’re still going strong! I decided to stay with the First People/Nomads oeuvre from Story of the World and we’ll probably stick with that for a few more weeks actually. Another new element is that I quickly learned last week that Max is not interested in doing his own thing and wants very much to be a part of the action. I’ve been rotating through beans, water beads, rice, play dough, etc. and I recently checked out some Montessori preschool books from the library, this and this. He will also paint or watch animal videos with us on the computer, so it’s working ok.

-Change the date on the calendar
-Spelling // watch, cedar, village, that, the, this, then, dream, coyote, wolf. Create a sentence from those, either written or spoken.
-Listen to Dream Wolf by Paul Goble
-Make puppets of the characters— boy, girl, wolf, background images.
-Put on puppet show of the story
-Play Shapes Go Fish (We call it Go Shapes!) — I printed two copies of these from, colored and laminated them. I wanted to make a memory game but they are totally see-through, but Go Shapes! works pretty well.
-Animal Study — I made a lottery of little strips of paper with animals written on them. Fern picks one and we learn about the thing and she draws it in her notebook. The goal today was to talk about how we get information, and where we look: books from the shelf, checking out books at the library, internet, youtube, etc.







-Change the date on the calendar
-Spelling // water, waterfall, current, rapids, swirl, skipper, strider, crawdad, net, boots // Create a sentence
-We took a field trip with our co-op to our beloved creek. All was well until Max and I stepped in a yellowjackets’ nest and we got stung. He got one on the neck but amazingly had very little reaction and was mostly ok, although it was very painful and scary. I got stung six times and I had really bad time of it. It’s a bummer because it’s our favorite place and it’s so easy to spend a day there. I may just wait till the cooler weather comes because I don’t want to get stung again!





Change the date on the calendar
-Spelling // bees, experiment, test, materials, love, chemistry, guess, findings, we, are
-Science experiments — I picked three experiments the night before out of a kit and book, and made sure we had all the materials. I had Fern use her notebook to make guesses and write what actually happened.
#1 Garbled Marbles // Water beads. Fern guessed what would happen to them, which ones would grow bigger, which ones would be harder, etc.
#2 Making Snow // I used instant snow powder and she tried a few different techniques, added food coloring, different temperatures of water, etc.
#3 Making Worms // I have no idea what polymer this was but it was disgusting and smelled of beach balls. She was only mildly into it.
#4 Make Your Own // She just mixed up a bunch of stuff but I asked her to make guesses and write it all down.
-Comics Club — We host a biweekly comics club and it’s pretty fun.





I was super sick from the yellowjacket stings and we had a bunch of household errands and chores to do. It was a free day, mostly spent playing Lego and watching movies. We also made flip books.

-Beach Day