A few homeschoolish indoor work-type things

Here are a few things we’ve been working on over the last couple of weeks. These are all indoor projects because the rain came back, but we have a lot to do and enjoy each other’s company inside.

Fern is such a curious person and is always thinking of things to make and do. It can be tricky to keep things around the house for her to discover and encourage her boredom. She comes up with this stuff and I go with it. Sometimes she’ll come find me and ask something like, “Want to play Heads or Tails?” Yes, you smart child. Yes, I do.


She’s really into gemstones, rocks, and minerals. She made a book of rocks and we looked at light through a bunch of rocks we have at home.

A funny math problem. (I should add that we aren’t actually teaching math with worksheets. This was just for fun.)

American Girls indeed.

Brother paints.

We bought a Gerber Daisy at the grocery store and Fern made this notebook to document its growth. She actually said, “Can we measure it every day and write it down in the book?!” Yep. We can.

Fern is practicing handwriting by playing and pausing a Lego Elves song on her iPad. I remember taping all my favorite songs off the radio just so I could play and pause them to write down the lyrics. One time in third or fourth grade I paid a girl at daycare for her handwritten sheet of the lyrics to a little song called “Ice Ice Baby.” So to this day I only know the lyrics as she wrote them. They are not correct!

Anyway, I like to suggest little writing projects instead of doing worksheets for handwriting.


She’s also been really interested in the idea of Scouts. It all started from the comic series “Lumberjanes,” which she deeply loves. We’re looking into a lot of the scouting organizations around town and I hope we can find one that works for our family. [Ed. Since this posting we’ve signed up for a scouts group! We can’t wait.] For now, Fern made a paper sash with paper badges. Though since I took these photos she’s inherited her dad’s old boy scout sash and has been wearing it proudly.